Our philosophy

Members of  NOPE srl share the same vision of the future for the tanning industry in which the actors have to differentiate the product and the ability to co-engineering with customers in a supply chain perspective. In this direction the company's goal is not to compete on the basis of volumes with standard products but create a distinctive specialization in segments, such as aniline, and complete the range of segments with related articles to achieve the necessary economies in purchasing and production .

The company operates a network model in which they were selected and tested partners representing, for each stage of production, the best operator for the product segment. The supply chain identified is managed and controlled by personnel of the company with a direct intervention in the quality control of each stage.

NOPE fits into the leather market for high-quality furniture and the company's mission is:

1. Identify customer needs by offering products designed ad hoc.

2. Meeting the needs of the customer by developing a supply chain that reaches the best quality / price.

3. Keep a careful and effective control of production to give the best quality consistency.

  • Each partner has the structure, systems and specific experience for the product line.

  • Do not be bound to saturation policies, have a production capacity "infinite".

  • Each of the network ring must maintain their efficiency conditions to be competitive.

The advantages for the customer are:

Always at your service

A partner for the design
of 'free article constraints.

Attention to detail

A service aware and attentive
both pre and post sale.

Extensive catalog

Broad product offer
adapted to market needs.


"Tailor made" approach to the market
to create a unique product.

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