FAITH is a leather for upholstery produced on selected european hides , selected because of weight and curing. Hides are processed with beamhose and tanning processes studied to have high exhaustion of tanning bath, are than split at liming stage to enhance softness of the finish product as well as allow better exhaustion of chrome tanning product. The leather is drum dyed as aniline where the target is to obtain the most correct color tone and allow than a finish in aniline to keep the natural beauty of the leather. The very soft and spongy hand, cobined with the waxy and warm touch are unique characteristics of FAITH, combined than with the grain pattern developed during milling which gives a natural sheen to the grain and therefore depth in the finish. Being a natural product the grain pattern change on the leather depending on the area, normally the grain is smaller toward tight parts of the hide such as the backbone and become bigger toward the loose part of it such as belly and flanks. FAITH is a natural products and therefore the small imperfections of the hide, healed scars or growth marks are part of the look of this leather.


bovine / wet blue - full grain / semianiline
thickness 1,3 - 1,5

*lightin with 5500k