SIENA is a furniture leather produced on selected european bulls, where quality of grain is carefully evaluated . The hides are processed with a traditional 48 hours beamhouse process of liming, tanning is done with highest exhaustin of chrome baths to reduce impact to enviroment , and to assure better quality fo grain. SIENA is a drum dyed aniline leather, the finish is than done only using aniline to adjust color to the tone needed . The hides are vacuum dried , which gives a firm hand and a surface which has a small grain design, combined than with a special retanning process which enhances the natural beauty of this aniline leather. Growth marks, healed scars and all natural factors that have influenced the hide are part of the look of the finished leather . Color variation within the hide or from hide to hide are part of the natural soul of this item.


bovine / wet blue - full grain / aniline
thickness 1,2 - 1,4

*lightin with 5500k